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New Ascribe “Project Import” Feature Saves You Time!

Time is a major resouce that we all find ourselves short on these days.  Our “to do” lists keep getting longer as we find ourselves with less time available to complete these tasks.

For instance, have you been wanting to get your project information and photographs together so that you can build a portfolio for your website, but you never can find the time to do so?  Or maybe you already have a portfolio but it hasn’t been updated in years and you now have a long list of projects that need to be added, but there’s no one available to take on the task.  Are you looking for ways that save you time?

Ascribe can help!

Are you currently using Ascribe to manage your project portfolio?  Have you considered having an Ascribe account but never signed up because you felt you just didn’t have the time it would take to add your projects and build your portfolio.  Or maybe you have an account but have never found the time to get all your projects uploaded. No matter what the case may be, time is no longer a reason not to have an Ascribe account.

Introducing the new “Project Import” feature!

Did you know that you can now have your project information and photos “imported” into your Ascribe account saving you the time of doing it yourself?  This new feature allows you to have your portfolio automatically built with little work on your end.  We’ll help you get your project information organized in the required format, and then let Ascribe do all the rest.

Whether you are a current user or are considering becoming one, it’s time to check off  ”Building your Project Portfolio” from your “to do” list.  Contact us today at 616.726.2490 and find out how ASCRIBE can save you time.

Have Your Project Profile, or Project Template System Loaded and Cocked…

Having your project template, or project profile system, in place is like having your gun loaded before the “big bucks” (pun intended) begin to cross your path.

You can almost smell it. You have begun to hear whispers of it. The tide is turning and the projects are coming. RFPs are picking up. Yes, margins are small, but that is simply the next logical step to the economic turnaround.

The question is, are your guns loaded and ready to begin bagging the deals with ease, or will your team be scrambling around the office trying to find and organize the ammo.

A critical part of the information that you will need ready is your company’s experience, in the form of the Project Profile. Have you constructed a project template system that is readily useable, flexible, or at minimum quickly “tweak-able”? It is a rare and opportune time to get organized with you’re your past project photos, and descriptions, awards and client references. Build out a project template that can be populated and deployed easily and quickly. Tag and organize your project profiles in multiple ways so you can call the specific data you need. If you can, try to build a central repository that can utilize the data in all the ways you will need it, such as project sheets, website portfolio, and social network distribution. Get your project profiles on your office walls updated as well. (your not guilty of not updating your project wall-of-fame in 15 years are you…)

It is not a question of “if” you will need this information ready; it is a matter of “when”. I personally believe the “when” is almost upon us. And, like normal, you won’t have time to get organized when you have six RFPs due out in a few days. My advice would be to get your project portfolio ready now!

- Jason Carpenter, CoFounder of ASCRIBE

- ASCRIBE is a project profile management and communication system. Click here to view an overview video