Major Upgrades

New PDF Generation tool called “Sheets”

Doing a Proposal?  Let Sheets help!  Sheets allows you to dynamically generate and download PDF documents for your projects.  Simply add one or more projects to your PDF queue, select a PDF Template from your collection and click “Download PDF”.

To manage photos for your PDFs, go in to the “Photos” area for that project and drag your photos into the “PDF” tab inside the “Photo Usage” area. To sort, drag each photo left or right until you have your desired order. Your PDFs will use the full resolution photo that you originally uploaded to insure the best quality for printing. (Disclaimer: If you upload a low resolution image, the printing quality will only be as good as that image)

One great thing about Sheets is once you get your PDF templates set the way you want them, swapping out projects and creating new PDFs is a snap! And, since you can access Ascribe from anywhere, you can empower the whole team to generate project sheets how and when they need them.

Customizing your PDF Templates: There are three default templates already set up for you, but you can customize them to look and behave anyway you like. PDF Templates are customized the same way Online Templates are, so anyone who can write HTML can customize your layouts. Don’t have anyone in house that writes HTML? Just contact us directly at 616.726.2490 and our staff can customize a set of templates per your specifications.

You can create as many PDF templates as you would like. For example, you could create a “Medical Offices” template and write an introduction paragraph about your medical office experience that appears at the top of the PDF.

When you are done customizing a template, upload a screenshot image of the layout into the template to help you keep your layouts well organized.

Feedback to make it better: We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into creating Sheets, but we also need your feedback to make it better.  We’ve added a Feedback form within the Sheets area so you can let us know how things are working and if there are additional features you would like to see added. Let us know. We are listening.

Photo area redesigned with new features

New Drag and Drop interface: Now, instead of check-marking the photos you want to use, you just drag them into the “Photo Usage” area.

Photo Sorting: Once your photos are in the Photo Usage area, drag them left or right to place them in the order you would like. The order you place them in is the order that will appear in your Online showcase and PDFs.

Photo Downloads: You now have the ability to download your full resolution images whenever you need them. Simply checkmark the photos you want to download and click “Download”. Multiple photos can be downloaded at once.

Edit Photo Rights and Captions on multiple photos: Select (checkmark) one or more photos, then edit the photo captions and photo sharing rights. Your changes will be applied to all the photos you selected.

Using different photos for your Online Showcase and your PDFs: Since you may not want to use the same photos for both your Online Showcase and your PDFs, you now have separate tabs for each within the Photo Usage area.

New Photo Details: Move your mouse over the “i” below a thumbnail and you’ll see larger version of the image with additional information.

General application design upgrades

Once you login you will see some differences. No more tabs, new design.

New “?” help bubbles to offer help tips when you need them.

New “Public View” button inside of Project Groups to take you to the public URL of that group segment.

New geocoding for project addresses to help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and further extend the ability to showcase your projects through custom Maps.

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