Ascribe News - Recently Added Features & Updates

Ascribe Updates:

The Ascribe team has been busy this summer working on several new features that are now available to our customers!  These newly added features include:

New Photo Captions:

Captions can now be added to photos to help emphasize your work or the products being used.  Captions can also be linked to a product manufacturer’s website, photographer’s website, spec sheet or any other location on the web that will help sell your services, products or industry expertise.

New Search Engine Optimization:

Add custom titles and keywords to your project pages to help them be found by major Search Engines!  Our goal is to help you gain exposure on the web through the projects you’ve worked on and drive traffic back to your website.

New Project Subtitles:

Subtitles can now be added to project titles.  These can be used to help identify specific sub projects when multiple projects have been completed at a common project location and that share the same primary name.


Project Title: Building ABC - Subtitle: Phase II

Project Title: Building XYZ - Subtitle: East Wing Renovation

These features are now available to all users.  If you are using Ascribe’s default templates, the updates are automatic.  If you are using Ascribe with a customized integration, several modifications will need to be made to your current integration so that you are able to take advantage of these new features.  The average time is 1-3 hours to make these modifications depending on the complexity of the original integration.

For questions regarding these new features or to discuss getting your current integration updated, contact:

Craig Nelson ( at 6160726-2490 or Lisa Kavanagh ( at 616-240-8691.

Special Note:

If your company is looking to upgrade their website or build a new website in the near future, be sure to check with Craig to see how we can be of assistance.  Take advantage of our expertise with Ascribe and developing websites for the A/E/C industry.

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