Seven reasons why not to market on the web…..

  1. Your yellow book ad is keeping the phone ringing with new opportunities.
  2. Your website is getting slow because of too much traffic.
  3. You don’t have a website or the one you have isn’t worth viewing.
  4. You have both Tiger and MJ promoting your brand.
  5. You still have boxes of your latest brochure or flyers to be used in your next campaign.
  6. You are too busy to take advantage of all the free or inexpensive Web 2.0 tools available.
  7. President Obama just sent your company a huge check as part of his latest stimulus package.

The “new media”, with social networking, the Internet, and convergence between visual and written media, have truly changed the way we communicate.  If you are thinking one-dimensionally in your marketing, and that the old approaches are still okay, watch out for the storm is about to hit you.

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