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Custom Fields, Project Reordering & Public PDF Downloads

We just released three new features to help you manage your project experience on Ascribe.

Custom Project Fields

If the default project fields, such as “Size” and “Delivery Method” are not enough, you can now create fields for any data that you would like to show on your projects.

To set up Custom Project Fields, go to your Settings, click Custom Project Fields, then add the title of the field, e.g. “Number of Rooms” or “Our Budget”. You can choose to have these fields displayed on your online showcase and/or your PDF sheets.

Once you’ve created Custom Project Fields, they will be available on any project to add data. Special note: If you are using custom templates for your online portfolio or PDFs, you will need to add a snippet of code to your templates. Reference this page to copy the code you will need or call our office @ 616.742.2810 for technical help.

Publicly Downloadable PDFs

How great would it be if all you had to do is add a link to your portfolio and suddenly all of your projects allowed people browsing your portfolio to download a PDF of any project. Done!

From the “Sheets” tab, choose which template you want to be used to generate the PDF, and click “Save”.  Then, make sure you have selected photos for PDF use in the Photos area.  If you are using Default Templates that is all you need to do.  If you are using custom templates for you portfolio, as most Ascribe users are, you will need to add this link code to your online templates in the “Project” template (you can call our office for help 616.724.2810). Here is the link code:  <a href=’/{{ company.permalink }}/sheet/pdf?user_project_ids={{ }}’>“Download PDF”</a>

Drag-Drop Project Reordering

The third new feature is Drag-Drop Project Reordering. It’s simple enough to use. Previously the order of your projects was driven by the most recent one saved. Now, to customize the order of your projects, from your dashboard, click the Projects tab. To reorder any particular group, click the group name. You will see a link a the top named “Reorder Projects”. Click this link, then drag and drop the projects into your desired order. Finally, click “Complete Reordering” to finish and return to normal mode. Your projects will now display in their new order.

Ascribe September Newsletter

In case you didn’t see it, check out our email newsletter for September.  Its full of useful information about new features and new project showcases.

It’s not to late to take advantage of the free advertising offer…

Thank you Dan Vos, Acoustics by Design, Accurate Commercial and Residential Plumbing, and Exxel Engineering for taking advantage of the free advertising opportunity that was announced to our standard users last week.  We appreciate your help in the launching of our New Collection of Works Portfolios.

For those of you that have not yet responded, but are interested in participating, there is still time to submit your ad.

Ad Requirements: Submit your 728 x 90-pixel (Leaderboard) and /or 160 x 600-pixel (Wide Skyscraper) ad in .gif or .jpg format and email to

Don’t miss out on this special offer!  Contact us at 616-726-2490 for more details.

Special Advertising Opportunity for Standard Users of Ascribe

We wanted to pass along a great advertising opportunity that is currently available to our Standard Users.  For a limited time only, receive one month of advertising on the New Collection of Works Portfolios (COWs) - for free.

To take advantage of this offer simply send us your ad before the end of the December and we will circulate your company’s banner ad on Building Schools, The Church Construction Portfolio, Building Cincinnati and Building Central and East Michigan - for one month at no charge.

Submit your 728 x 90 pixel (Leaderboard) and/or 160 x 600 pixel (Wide Skyscraper) ad in .gif or .jpg format and email to

Contact our office, 616-726-2490, for more details.

New Feature

We are pleased to announce that Ascribe has just released its new Photo Download feature.  Users can now download high resolutions of their “owned” photos attached to their Ascribe projects with a click of a button.

Simply login to your account, go to the project photos of a selected project, click on a photo from your “Owned Photos” section, and select the download button in the lower left hand corner of the photo.  With a few simple steps your photo is now available to print, email or save for future use.

As Ascribe moves in the direction of being the Management Center for your project profiles, the new Photo Download feature will become a convenient way to access and utilize your project data when ever you need it.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Your friends at Ascribe want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.  Even with the struggles we face everyday dealing with the current economic times, there is still a lot to be thankful for including your family and friends.  Ascribe thanks you for allowing us be a part of your marketing team.

Cincinnati Project Profiles Coming Alive

The Cincinnati Chapter of the American Institute of Architect just went live with their member’s project profiles.

In combination, we have just struck an agreement with the very popular blog site which will have a project portfolio of all building projects in the cincinnati area organized by project type and LEED information.  All of the building professionals can publish their project profiles there through their Ascribe account.

Ascribe making a scene at the AIA Golf Outing

Jason Carpenter, one of the Co-Founders of Ascribe, was out hacking at golf balls at the 2009 American Institute of Architects golf outing of the Grand Valley Chapter in Michigan.

Ascribe at the AIA Golf Outing

Ascribe at the AIA Golf Outing

Ascribe Nominated for Innovation Michigan Award

We are pleased to hear we have been nominated for the Business Review’s Innovation Michigan award for 2009.  Its always nice to be recognized for hard work.

Its a funny thing about innovative ideas.  In general, the more “Innovative” the idea, the more difficult it is to gain acceptance.  The world seems like “slightly Innovative” ideas better because they are easier to swallow, and they don’t make you quite as nervous.  The metric system was an Innovative idea, but that didn’t get very far here in the states.  We hope the award for innovation is given to the biggest, most ground breaking ideas that have become reality, because ideas are easy, its making them a reality that takes enormous energy and skill.

USGBC Central Texas Balcones Chapter has joined the Ascribe Project Network

The USGBC Central Texas Balcones Chapter has just agreed to have their website added to the Ascribe Project Network.  Its members will soon be showcasing their “bright green” projects.  Ascribe is proud to have them on board!