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Ascribe News - Recently Added Features & Updates

Ascribe Updates:

The Ascribe team has been busy this summer working on several new features that are now available to our customers!  These newly added features include:

New Photo Captions:

Captions can now be added to photos to help emphasize your work or the products being used.  Captions can also be linked to a product manufacturer’s website, photographer’s website, spec sheet or any other location on the web that will help sell your services, products or industry expertise.

New Search Engine Optimization:

Add custom titles and keywords to your project pages to help them be found by major Search Engines!  Our goal is to help you gain exposure on the web through the projects you’ve worked on and drive traffic back to your website.

New Project Subtitles:

Subtitles can now be added to project titles.  These can be used to help identify specific sub projects when multiple projects have been completed at a common project location and that share the same primary name.


Project Title: Building ABC - Subtitle: Phase II

Project Title: Building XYZ - Subtitle: East Wing Renovation

These features are now available to all users.  If you are using Ascribe’s default templates, the updates are automatic.  If you are using Ascribe with a customized integration, several modifications will need to be made to your current integration so that you are able to take advantage of these new features.  The average time is 1-3 hours to make these modifications depending on the complexity of the original integration.

For questions regarding these new features or to discuss getting your current integration updated, contact:

Craig Nelson ( at 6160726-2490 or Lisa Kavanagh ( at 616-240-8691.

Special Note:

If your company is looking to upgrade their website or build a new website in the near future, be sure to check with Craig to see how we can be of assistance.  Take advantage of our expertise with Ascribe and developing websites for the A/E/C industry.

New Ascribe Default Templates

New Default Templates

Check out the new Ascribe Default Templates just released.  Users can now showcase their projects in a sleek web 2.0 layout with a customizable color scheme.  (Click on the “Templates” tab from within your Ascribe account to select your template colors.)

The introduction page displays your company’s name, logo, and a brief description about what you do, as well as shows your last (4) projects added to your portfolio.

The menu bar across the top makes for easy navigation, giving viewers of your portfolio the ability to search “All Projects” or by a specific “Project Group” that you create from within your account.

Your company’s contact information is now displayed in a “Popup Window” which includes your address, phone and fax number, as well as clickable links to your website and email.

Note:  Default templates used by free or lite accounts are ad supported.

Need A Website?

For those companies that don’t already have a website, using the Ascribe Default Template as your company’s “place” on the web is a great solution.  The Default Template functions as a website’s “Home Page” displaying all the necessary information about your company as well as your project portfolio.

New Benefits Added to Free & Lite Accounts

We’ve also upgraded our Free and Lite accounts! Users can now display up to 20 projects in their Ascribe portfolio, and have a total of 5 connections (links) to their projects being displayed on other company and group project showcases.

If you need assistance with your account, or would like to know how you can become an Ascribe User, call 616.726.2490.  One of our Account Managers would be happy to assist you.

New Ascribe “Project Import” Feature Saves You Time!

Time is a major resouce that we all find ourselves short on these days.  Our “to do” lists keep getting longer as we find ourselves with less time available to complete these tasks.

For instance, have you been wanting to get your project information and photographs together so that you can build a portfolio for your website, but you never can find the time to do so?  Or maybe you already have a portfolio but it hasn’t been updated in years and you now have a long list of projects that need to be added, but there’s no one available to take on the task.  Are you looking for ways that save you time?

Ascribe can help!

Are you currently using Ascribe to manage your project portfolio?  Have you considered having an Ascribe account but never signed up because you felt you just didn’t have the time it would take to add your projects and build your portfolio.  Or maybe you have an account but have never found the time to get all your projects uploaded. No matter what the case may be, time is no longer a reason not to have an Ascribe account.

Introducing the new “Project Import” feature!

Did you know that you can now have your project information and photos “imported” into your Ascribe account saving you the time of doing it yourself?  This new feature allows you to have your portfolio automatically built with little work on your end.  We’ll help you get your project information organized in the required format, and then let Ascribe do all the rest.

Whether you are a current user or are considering becoming one, it’s time to check off  ”Building your Project Portfolio” from your “to do” list.  Contact us today at 616.726.2490 and find out how ASCRIBE can save you time.

What’s the AEC Industry Blogging About??

Blogging has been around for some time now.  It was used by individuals and companies as a way to communicate and share information on the web, and became somewhat popular, even before being recognized as part of the “Social Media” craze.

Blogs can be an important resource for finding information and current news in any industry, including the AEC industry.  For example, there are blogs out there that report upcoming building projects, discuss new techniques in the installation of building equipment, review rules and regulations for specific project types, as well as blogs that forecast the economics of the industry.  Whatever your interest is, you’re sure to find someone out there blogging about it.

Keep in mind not every blog you find on the web is going to grab your attention.  The important thing is to find two or three sites that consistently post relevant and interesting content that you can use.   Become active in these sites by participating in the discussion area.  It’s a great place to offer your expert advice, or maybe find a solution to a problem that your company is currently dealing with.  Most importantly, it gets you networking with others in your industry.

Whether you are looking for information on a certain topic, or a place to exchange ideas, blogging sites are a great reference and should not be overlooked.

Here’s a short list of some of the AEC Blog sites that we found interesting:

Design and Construction Network

Tar Paper Crane

Construction Marketing Ideas

The Konstructr Network

Social Media - Are You Building Your Network?

Has your company taken the plunge into the Social Media abyss yet?  If not, what’s holding you back?   Could be, you’re like most other skeptics out there who have been hiding in the background waiting to see if this is all just a fad, or if in fact Social Media is here to stay.  Or maybe it’s that even though you realize this is something you need to get involved in, you just have no idea where to begin.

No matter what it is that’s keeping you from moving forward, NOW is the time to get on board. According to Web Strategy’s Social Network Stats for 2010, Facebook, which has over 400 million members, received more visits last week than Google. Twitter reports show that there are over 50 million tweets occurring per day, which is an average of 600 tweets per second. LinkedIn currently has over 60 million users in over 200 countries, and has experienced  a growth of 5 million new users in the last 2 months.

Needless to say, with numbers like these, it looks like Social Media is going to stick around for quite some time.  You really don’t want to be left behind do you?  Marketing budgets are dwindling and competition is high.  Currently there’s no better way to expand your brand and get maximum exposure, at little or no cost to your company, than your social network.  How can you NOT take advantage of that?

Ok, so now you agree, there’s no more hiding from it. But where do you begin?  According to an article written by Constructive Communication, Inc. - Online Social Media, the first thing you need to do is identify which social media platform your key audience is participating in the most.  Listen to what their saying before determining your goals and strategies.  Also, check out what other companies in your industry are doing.  It doesn’t mean that if it’s working for them that you should adopt their same methods, however it can be a good starting point as you develop your own social media plan.

Do your homework.  You’re not limited to just Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Check out YouTube, Blogging Sites, Wikipedia, Flicker, widgets, gadgets, the list goes on. Let your creative character come alive.  The possibilities are unlimited.

It’s time to start building your network.  Don’t be left out in the cold.  Social Networking is what your competitors are doing, your future customers are doing, and it’s what your company SHOULD be doing.